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As an owner of a business in 2024 a website is not just an option, it's a requirement

At Magnetize Your Web, we help business owners get their online visibility optimized, with always current SEO, Free Maintenance, Customized Web Design, Advertising, and Print. We are your one stop shop for all your businesses online and digital needs.

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Mobile Optimized

Mobile optimized is something every website should have today. With more people searching on the web using mobile than any other period of time, this is a must have for any business.


SEO can be tricky, especially if you are attempting to design your website yourself. Page speed, backlinks, content, bounce-rates, and google coding guidelines are all major SEO factors. Keeping your website fast, secure and always updated is how we guarantee our clients the best SEO you can get.

Free Maintenance

This sets us apart from all others in the web design world; we offer free maintenance for the lifetime of your site. So when Google updates its SEO guidelines, we update every single webpage to be optimized and current. We also keep your pages up to date, so you can run specials have current website information that will never be outdated. You never have to get technical again and leave all the coding to us.


All our websites have SSL security with our high-speed servers, and 100% uptime guaranteed. We do regular backups of your website and data, so you never have to worry about losing data. Make your customers feel secure when giving their personal information on your website.

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About Us

Magnetize Your Web is a web design company started by Chase Waitman. "I have seen many businesses over the years overpay for services like a website, advertising, and promoters who promise to bring them enormous amounts of business. Online presence, consistency, and usability are huge factors and don't require a $10,000 website. I have used my skills in coding, graphic design, and business to grow many businesses I have managed over the years. Now I offer these services to you, so that you can stop overpaying and spending thousands of wasted dollars on poor AD words campaigns , magazines/print-ads, and promoters that always fall short of their promises. Get your website, branding, and advertising on track with Magnetize Your Web"

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