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Magnetize Your Web Terms Of Service

Web Design & Development

The Process

1. Concept

This stage we gather information about our clients business and research their competition as well as process the set-up fee. We also collect any logo, pictures, and other media they may want to include with the design. We also get an idea of what our client expects from the website, to help with the next stage of the process.

2. Design

During this stage, we get the layout and concept finalized with the color, theme and overall feel of the site, as well as any functionality addressed during this stage

3. Final Touch

During this stage, we finalize all images to be to our clients liking as well as final proofreading of all the wording of the website to fit our clients business, to their satisfaction. During this stage, if the client has already purchased the domain, transferring to our servers so we may go live on the next step.

4. Going LIVE!

We finalize all backend processes, and SEO functionality to top industry standards, as well as complete and process the hosting package for the website just before going LIVE!

5. After LIVE!

We guarantee our clients to have always current SEO included with their website, we maintain, edit, and protect the website, with 24/hr support, and up to date SEO practices, you will never have to worry about your website being outdated again.

Hosting, Maintenance & SEO

All our hosting is using high-performance servers, with 99.9% uptime, as well as the use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with over 175 servers globally, which optimizes speed and performance for your site all over the world. We offer free Maintenance and Alwas Current SEO for no additional charge for our webistes.
(ie more information on Free Maintenance below)

Additional Pages

Additional Pages will be at no additional charge as long as the maximum page limit has not been reached for their respective package. Add-On pages exceeding package page limit may be charged for each page at a rate of $10/mo per page, or upgrade to the next package, whichever the client prefers.

Source Code Purchase

At Magnetize Your Web, we create, develop, code, design, host, and maintain your website. All our prices are for these services and services do not include the source code. The source code can be purchased at any time the client wishes, purchasing of the source code removes Magnetize Your Web from the "Maintenance" responsibility in your contract. The source code can be purchased at a rate of $200 per page.


If a client wishes to cancel their services, then they will be refunded for all un-used hosting, the only non-refundable charge is our set-up fee. If yearly hosting is purchased, then the monthly rate for the same package will be assessed for host time used, and the difference will be refunded. Additionally, months will not be partially refunded, after the 1st of any month the hosting for that month will not be refunded, and the cancellation date will be at the end of the current month.

Free Maintenance, Updating & Timeframes

Free updating and maintenace includes price changes, deal changes, picture changes, rewording, reorganizing, SEO updating, new features, security, monitoring, traffic reporting, and overal website health. Timeframes for SEO and additional work within reason are guranteed within 24-48 hours of request. Some SEO or page changes my require additional time, Magnetize Your Web is held responsible for communicating how much time changes will take approximatly

Updating Limitations

Our maintenance includes adding pictures, changing descriptions, changing deals, updating hours of operation, and other similar services. Maintenance does not include re-designing pages completly, any completely changed page requests will fall into additional page category and priced based on package page limit and pricing.
(ie see Additional Pages section)

Domain Name Policy

Before the "Going LIVE!" stage of the process, we have our clients who already have purchased their domain names, transfer their domain to our servers, at any time the client wishes during services they may request the domain name back, and transfers are limited to the time it takes the domain registrar to process the requests. Domain names even purchased by Magnetize Your Web on clients behalf will be considered the property of the client and will never be charged any additional for domains or the purchasing of the domain name, unless the name is already taken and negotiations for pricing occur. Domains transferred to clients after services rendered will be billed according to whichever registrar the client is using and is in no part billed or received by Magnetize Your Web

Marketing & Advertising

The Process

1. Goal

We gather information about what your goals are with advertising, do you want a powerful social stance with many followers, brand recognitino, sales calls, website visits, store visits and any other advertising goal you have

2. Collection

We collect any information we needs such as logo, videos, social profile access, and get ready to plan what we need to creat for your advertisment.

3. Design

We create videos, special web pages, ad trackers, as well as select your target audience you will be advertising to and present to client until both parties are satisfied.

4. Deployment & Payment

We collect payment for advertising plan, signa an agreement and then deploy your created ad to either Facebook/Instagram or Google Ad Words, you can cancel anytime payments are non refundable up to the month of the payment already submitted.

Graphic Design, Logo Design, & Print

The Process

1. Needs

The client communicates what type of artwork or print work they require to meet their needs and a deadline, and we accept with a price quote, which is subject to change upon additions/changes made by client, 50% of quote is due before the next step.

2. Design

We design and creat artwork for print, online, or both. We submit our work via email with client until client is satisfied.

3. Proof Check

After reviewing spelling and design, we submit to user for their own final inspection before print or final design files sent.

4. Complete

Upon final payment, we email or mail design artwork and/or print work by the deadline set by client. If payment is not processed promptly, then the artwork may be delayed.

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